Joining the Gym

How do I join the Gym?
Can I have a look around the Gym to see if I’d like to join?
Can I tryout the Gym before I join?
What’s the minimum age to become a member?
Do you offer student discounts?
Do you offer discounts to Service Personnel?
Do you offer corporate discounts?
Can I pay cash for my membership?
Can I pay from a non UK bank account?
What do you mean by no contract?
I’ve signed up what happens next?
I haven’t received a welcome email with my login details?
What is an induction, do I have to have one?
How do I book an induction?

Using the Gym

Is the Gym Open 24 hours a day?
Do you do Day Passes?
How do I enter the Gym?
Are there staff on site 24 hours?
What times are staffed hours?
When are peak and off peak access times?
What times are the changing facilities open?
Are classes free to attend?
How do I book a class?
Do you offer free parking?
What do I do if I get stuck in one of the access pods?
What do I do if I need help in the Gym?
Is the Gym safe to use during unstaffed hours?
I’m disabled will I be able to use the Gym?
Do you offer personal training?
How do I access the Free wifi?
Do you supply towels to wipe down the equipment?

Member FAQs

I have forgotten my PIN number?
I’ve forgotten my login details?
How do I login to the app?
When can I cancel my membership?
How do I cancel my membership?
What do I do if my PIN doesn’t work?
Can I let someone else use my PIN?
Can I bring a guest with me to the Gym?
Can I freeze my membership?
How much does it cost to freeze my membership?
How do I unfreeze my membership?
Can I upgrade my membership?
When do my payments get processed?
Can I change the date of my payments?
How can I make a payment that I missed?
I have a problem with my billing what do I do?
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